Git Integration

Ora + Gitlab (Works even when self hosted)

A strong connection made for developers from day one. Connect your favorite repository with Ora to take advantage of referencing tasks with commit, commit linking and many more.

A git integration like no other

Collaborate on code with all the tools your software team needs for agile development.
In one place - GIT, Time-Tracking, Chat, and more...

Close tasks with commit

Link a task to a commit or reference the task id from commit mesasge

Done with landing! Fix #OR134, Close #MRK42

Track time with commit message

SSO Integration #BKG342 +2h

Or just add a reference

Status screens progress #OR552

Close tasks with commit+30m3/52

Immediately see new commits and diff

Track new commits across different branches in the commits sidebar. See the diff and changes directly in Ora without ever switching the app.

Self-hosted Gitlab support

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Markdown & Code highlight

Work the way you are used to! Share snippets, discuss code and write it in Ora so that you can communicate something code related in the best possible way inside a task or in Ora Chat. Full markdown support in task description and markdown stripped of headings support in comments and chat messages.

New Messages· 11:41 AMClara Clarkson· 11:42 AMAmy Farafaller@amy Try it like that ```typescriptSweet, it works!1

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