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Fully customizable projects.

From simple to-do list to running sprints according to scrum methodology.
Turn views and features on and off as you go.
Ora is the only task management solution powerful,
yet simple and easy to use so that you can do both.

Todo list
Idea Board
Tasks & Billable Time Tracking
Issue Tracking
Agile Kanban
Engineering & QA
Scrum + Time Tracking
Feature Rich

What's Ora?

All-in-one PM solution

Imagine your team’s command center with everything you need to run your business, product, or service. Agile. Easy-to-use. Your productivity Swiss Army knife.

Create different types of projects to organize everything in folders, projects, with powerful add-ons like Epics, Task Relationships, Recurring Tasks, List Actions and more.

Successful when you are.

What our customers are saying

“Ora - The best project management software i have seen”

This is hands down the best project management software i own.. It is intuitive, and there are alot of pro features to help organise your projects and keep things moving along nicely.

Solar Bear Design

Paul H.

Lead Web Designer

“Better than Jira or Trello, I think the best tool to implement Scrum in your company”

We tried all the project management tools and we chose Ora without hesitation! Easy to use - Lots of features - beautiful interface - good support - Ora client for OSX and Windows.

Groupe Santiane

Pierre A.

Coach Agile & Devops

“Best Kanaban Board tested”

Very intuitive and awesome tool. Greate UX from the first day of use! Easy to use, great UX, excellent for our development project scenarios, bitbucket connection, time tracking included.

Eye-T S.à r.l

Kai K.

Software Developer

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done right.

The most intuitive Scrum and Kanban solution in the industry. Build-in Epics, Sprints, Story points and Reports.

Create multiple views (as many as you like) or start with any of our predefined agile project templates for Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban.

Make The Switch in seconds.

Transitioning to Ora is as easy as 1,2,3!
Projects are imported with assignees, labels,
milestones, sprints, and everything you’d expect.

1. Choose a vendor

2. Choose a project

3. Match & Invite your team

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Free forever up to 10 members

The right way to work with Clients.

Add clients as observers to your projects (for free), keep them in the loop. Hide tasks, lists and comments from them and track time.

Create folders for your clients, departments, or anything else you want. Drag projects inside a folder to keep your projects section neat and tidy.
Less emails. More work done. Join Ora now!

Stop sending emails back and forth

Don’t miss any details.

All the information you need with a single click! Cards contain everything you need to know, from the written task specification to the attachments, due date, milestone, labels and even custom fields, and so on.
Conversation about the task with all of your team and even clients and external stakeholders is all there.

Markdown support


Code highlighting

Code highlighting



Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks PRO

Enable your team to:

  • Assign and handoff work
  • Write a document inside the description (RTF / Markdown / Code highlight)
  • Provide and track feedback as comments and image, pdf, and video annotations
  • Manage deadlines

Task details view / Opened task

& Automations.

Built-in automations, integrations and the ability to connect to 1,500+ services using Zapier.

Beyond integration, connect your repo to Ora and see your commit timeline in the project, add time, reference, and close tasks with commit messages. Inspect each commit and even open detailed diffs.

How it works?

Ora is designed to be simple and incredibly intuitive.

Project / Board
Project / Board
Import a Project

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