Programul de afiliere Ora

Construiește-ți un portofoliu de venituri pasive.
Monetizează-ți rețeaua împărtășind povestea captivantă Ora,
și urmărește comisioanele din abonamente.
Nimeni nu poate spune povestea Ora mai bine decât tine!

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Cum funcționează

Sign up for an Ora account, and enroll into the Affiliate program.
Share your unique link, and witness clicks, signups, subscriptions,
and commissions accumulate on your affiliate dashboard.

1. Începeți să împărtășiți Ora cu publicul dumneavoastră
folosind link-ul dumneavoastră unic de afiliere.

2. Oricine se înscrie folosind link-ul
primește 10 dolari în credit Ora.

3. Câștigați un comision de 15-25% pentru fiecare abonament
care provine din link-ul dvs.

Oamenii iubesc Ora

We have a high conversions rate and customer satisfaction ratings.

Întrebări frecvente

First, create your account. Next, click on the "Apply Now" button on this page. Within a few days, we'll designate your account as an affiliate, granting you access to your affiliate dashboard and unique affiliate link.

The greater the number of leads you send our way, the higher your percentage/tier becomes. Individuals with substantial audiences receive an immediate 25%. After applying, we'll communicate your specific tier. Even if it starts below 25%, as you drive business for our partnership, we're committed to increasing it.

15-25% cut over the period of 1 year.

  • You will receive 15-25% of the profits for the first year of any subscription.
  • For yearly subscriptions, you will be paid one time after 60 days from the start of the trial period (30 days trial and 30 days money-back guarantee).
  • For monthly subscriptions, you will receive commission each month for 12 months.
  • If there is a refund, you will not receive any profit from that referral.
  • If there is a subscription cancelation, there will be no further profit from that referral.
  • If there is a new subscription (after cancel) you will receive profit from the new subscription.
  • If there is a an upgrade (seats are added) you will receive profit from the upgrade.
  • You need at least 2 subscribed referrals to receive a payment.
  • It is prohibited to refer your own company.

Read affiliate terms and conditions for more details

Your potential earnings are entirely up to you and how many people you can drive to click on your link. Our program is exceptionally generous, with no cap on your potential income. For instance, if you bring in 2 clients, each with 100 users on the Ora Professional plan ($10 per user), the total subscription value is $2000 for the two companies. This translates to $500 per month for 12 months, resulting in a total of $6000 in your bank account.