Issue & Request Tracking

Issue tracking for the 21st century

Probably the simplest and best-looking issue-tracking you will find out there. With many power-ups to suit your workflow and needs.

Ora is the easiest way for technical teams to...

Delegate effectively

See availability and easily assign new issues to the right person so that they could be resolved faster.

Focus on the important issues first

Use custom labels to mark priority and add a due date so that everyone can easily spot an emergency and solve it faster.

Customize your workflow.

Customize your workflow by adding a pipeline like board view.

Customer service, dev teams, and experts use Ora for...

Support tickets

Pull in tickets from support systems and provide timely support.

Request management

Create custom workflows for different internal or external requests.

Bug Tracking

Track software issues and prepare fixes for your product or service.

Become champions

Top hacks for technical teams...

Collaborate on issues to resolve them faster.

Get a teammate or support agent attention with @mention, attach documents and have everything linked to the issue.


Automate new tickets creation with integrations

Use email to card, zendesk integration, zapier, or our Public API to create new tickets in Ora for your technical team.


Balance workloads & eliminate burnout

On the timeline grouped by team member you can see how much each member has on it’s plate and plan accordingly.

6h openUnderbookedOverbookedFully bookedFull2h Over


Context is king, understand the issue faster!

Comment on top of PDF, Video, and Image attachments to create actionable checklist items for the assignee of the task. No more guessing! Annotations help you tell exactly what you mean by pointing directly to a specific area at the attachment


Enter flow state and start fixing.

Agenda is the unique place where you can see multiple projects and multiple people's tasks mapped by the due date or schedule date so that you can focus on what’s next.

Time Management

Learn more about your team's time.

Do you know the time to resolve each issue/request, or a group?

Smart teams use time tracking and estimates on issues. Since cards in Ora have projects, task types, and labels this means you get a real good breakdown of how your team spends time.

& Automatizaciones

Automatizaciones, integraciones y la capacidad de conectarse a más de 1,500 servicios usando Zapier.

Cierra y referencia Commits. Ve todos los cambios para cada tarea. Haz seguimiento del tiempo trabajado en un Commit. Accede a la actividad del repositorio en tiempo real para todos los proyectos de Ora. ¡Funciona con repositorios privados y públicos de GitHub, GitLab y Bitbucket!

Spend less time switching context

We are leaving in the age of distraction. We still use email, then a project management app, a chat app, a time tracking app, even one for annotations. All of these and more are constantly fighting for our attention and then we have very little time left for the things that matter.

For teams like yours Ora replaces:





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