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Why UI & UX > Features

“Design is intelligence made visible.”

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Project Management

7 considerations when writing an effective project management plan

Learn how to write an effective project management plan.

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Project Management

How to do Scrum in Ora (The Right Way)

Learn how to implement Scrum in Ora (by the book) in 10 easy steps or less.

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Meeting Deadlines When Everything on the “To-Do” List is Urgent”

Ever had trouble with having too many tasks overdue? Learn how to set your priorities and achieve them in time!

New Features

June update & more

Task Templates and updates in the past months!

New Features

February Update: 2FA, No Signup for Observers or Visitors, Duplicate checklists!

Two Factor Authentication, Magic-Link, Comments and votes without Sign UP!


OKRs vs. KPIs: What are the differences?

What is OKR? What is KPI? OKRs vs KPI: How are they different? All answered. The only OKR vs KPI article that you’ll need!

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New Features

January Update: Global Search, Public API & Dark Mode 2.0

Global Search, Major improvements to the dark mode with full app coverage. Access to our API for developers

Project Management

8 Jira Alternatives To Try In 2020 (Free & Paid)

Looking for the best Jira alternatives? JIRA is a powerful software but just try these 8 free & paid jira alternatives in 2020.

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5 Features That You’ll See Only In Ora.pm (And Nowhere Else…)

WARNING! Once seen... These 5 Ora features cannot be unseen. You would never look at your PM software the same way again!

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Project Management

17 Best Project Management Tools In 2020 [+ Free Software]

Looking for the best project management software for you team? Try these top 17 (free & paid) solutions of 2019 including alternatives to Jira, Trello, Asana.

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What Are SMART Goals? (+6 SMART Goal Examples)

The ultimate guide to S.M.A.R.T goal-setting in 2020! Learn how to set SMART goals, how to write them, and how to actually achieve them.

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Project Management

What is Scrumban? [The Scrumban Guide In 2020]

The only Scrumban guide you’ll ever need! Learn how to implement Scrumban for agile software development including the tools and everything you need.

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New Features

November Update: Task from Email, Watchers 2.0 and Task Relationships 2.0

Our latest update is here with exciting new features. Check it out!

Project Management

5 Features Every Project Management Software Needs

Looking for the best marketing project management software in 2020? Look for unlimited file-sharing and especially #3 of the 5 key features!

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New Features

August Update: Timeline, Agenda Scheduling and Zapier

Timeline, Agenda Scheduling, Zapier and many more new features come to Ora...

Gestión de proyectos

Kanban vs Scrum vs Scrumban: Cuales son las diferencias?

¿Qué metodología ágil usar? Ora compara Scrum vs Kanban vs Scrumban. Este artículo responde a las preguntas: ¿Qué es Scrum? ¿Qué es Kanban? ¿Qué es Scrumban? ¿Cómo funciona Scrum? ¿Cómo funciona Kanban? ¿Cómo funciona Scrumban? Pros y contras de Scrum. Pros y contras de Kanban. Pros y contras de Scrumban

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New Features

Ora 2: Released

Ora 2 with brand new everything...

New Features

Introducing Ora 2

Ora 2 beta is here with Folders, Themes, Checklists 2.0, Project Templates and more...

New Features

September Update: Comments 2.0, Zendesk and Google Calendar

Attachments and markdown in comments, Zendesk, Google Calendar and more...

New Features

July Update: Sprints, views, reports 2.0

Sprints comes to Ora, bundled with new reports, views and more...

New Features

March Update: Desktop apps + performance

After many hours of work we bring you apps and better performance

New Features

January Update: Slack commands + stability

Slack commands, time and reports fixes and more...

New Features

December Update: Git integrations

Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab. Link commits, close tasks, add time and see all commits activity.

New Features

November update: Task privacy, new design and email notifications

Enable advanced task and comment privacy to your projects. Turn email notifications ON. All this and a bold new look!

New Features

Introducing Filters

Finally, we built the most requested feature - the ability to filter tasks.

New Features

October update: Epics, List actions, open/closed lists, task types and more!

The most epic update yet. We bring you epics, List actions and custom task types


Kevin William David interviews Ora's CEO

Kevin William David from Siftery interviewed Vasil Enchev, CEO of Ora to know more.


Optimising's Story: Moving from Asana

As much as the team despises every time I change a system or process, I can’t help trying out bleeding edge software. I’ve been looking for a replacement for our project management software, Asana, for a while. When I came across Ora, it seemed to tick all of the boxes for us.

New Features

August update: Task repeat, relationships, duplicate, github import, hotkeys and more!

Is one task blocking another? Now you can link tasks and set different dependencies between them. This and many more new things like repeat task and hotkeys await you August update


How to magnify your creative appetite?

Do you feel bored, ordinary and just like everybody else? Do you think that being creative means to draw in an outstanding manner, to sing in a breath taking manner or to be able to inspire the whole world in just 18 minutes TED talk?

New Features

June update: Fast tasks, labels and assignees

Quickly add task in any project from everywhere! Just hit N or Alt+N. Add assignees, labels and natural language due dates when creating a text simply by typing.

New Features

May update: Multiple selection and more...

Multiple Selection of Tasks, Jump to Task, Observers and more. Each month we highlight new features, improvements and bug fixes — this is our first update after our launch in April!


The Benefits of Time Tracking

Why to track your time? What are the benefits of time tracking? How tracking your time boosts your productivity? Why team reports are usefull?

Ora News

Launched: Early Access

We'd like to thank you for your patience and support while Ora has been developed. Today, we're excited to announce that Ora has officially launched! (As early access)