Time Tracking

Free up to 10 members

Time is spent whether you track it or not.

The difference is if you track it you’ll know where it goes and if you don’t, you keep living in the dark.

The choice is yours.

1-Click Timers

Click the play button on any task to start time tracking.

See what everyone is working on without asking.

Maximum team transparency

Feel like part of the team again

Starting a timer helps you focus

Seeing your team effort helps motivation

Estimate tasks and identify over tracking

See the estimate of each task and when the track time is more than the estimate.

See the total estimates and tracked time for each list.

See who are your most active contributors

You can easily see who is tracking the most this day or week without ever leaving the project.

Add time manually or edit with ease

Forgot to start a timer or need to add an old entry?

It is as easy as dragging the duration slider and clicking “Add”

Visualize the time with reports.

Stack by Assignees
Stack by Tasks
Stack by Tasks
Stack by Task Type
Stack by Label

Detailed time reports.

The number one reason behind time tracking.
Every minute is accounted for:

By Project, task, assignee, task type, label, etc..

For a project, folder or entire organization

See your report across different projects and organizations or your company report.
Or make a folder with all your client projects and see a report for this folder.

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