August Update: Timeline, Agenda Scheduling and Zapier

Vasil Enchev
August 27, 2019

Hey, you! How is it going? 😅 It's been some time since we announced anything, we kind of did release some stuff unannounced, but it's time to tell you about them + the brand new stuff, so here we go...

The Timeline

The Timeline works similar to a Gantt chart except in Gantt each task goes on a new line/swimlane, and here the lines are reused. In fact, it is not grouped by tasks at all, but rather you can arrange the Timeline by Projects or Team members. If you choose to group by team members that also kind of is a resource allocation view where you can see who is doing what, who is free, etc...

Simply put: You see the tasks that need to be completed, scheduled in time, and assigned to your team. Perfect!

Seeing the work that needs to be done and being able to draw dependencies between tasks is a really great way to visualize what’s planned next. Excellent visualization of what’s expected is what we strived to perfect in making the Ora timeline.

Schedule item in timeline

To create the Timeline, we introduced a new concept of a “scheduled item“ — a planned period which can be assigned to a task and/or a member and has a duration in hours per day. A single task/card may have multiple schedules, and they don’t have anything to do with the deadline (previously due date).

Schedule item in task modal

Deadline and is set separately from the schedule. Inside each task, you can see a due date and as many schedules (plans) as the task has.

Navigating the timeline

Going around the Timeline is very intuitive, just click and drag on an empty area or on the dates bar on top, and you will move the visible area of the Timeline. Using two fingers to pinch will zoom in/out the Timeline. On a mouse, this is done with any of Cmd/Ctrl/Alt/Option + the scroll wheel.

Timeline Milestones

Mark essential events in your project by creating a Project Milestone. Those are the same milestones that you have in your project, but they show on the Timeline. To create a new one, just click on a date and write the title of the Milestone.

Seeing deadlines in the Timeline?

At this point we don’t display the deadlines in the Timeline, we don’t have a concept on how to visualize them, perhaps that might change in a future version.

Scheduling in Agenda

Tasks schedules that are shown in the Timeline now show up on the Agenda as well. More about Agenda in previous post

Scheduling in Agenda

From now on in your Agenda, you don’t see only deadlines but schedules as well. This is the reason you might see a task in a couple of lists if the task is scheduled for a few days. This is quite useful for tasks that take longer than 1 day, and you don’t need to change the due date all the time anymore. A bonus is that a scheduled task will appear in the Timeline as well.

As always, you have control over this new feature. If you don’t want to see scheduled tasks or you only want to see them just change the *Visible items* in the toggles in the Agenda top right corner. You can choose between deadlines, schedules, or both (selected by default).

Context Menu

Scheduling in Agenda

There are some changes in the context menu as well. From now the scheduled date is the one changed with priority unless you change visible items to be *Only deadlines*. Furthermore, you can see all schedules (in blue) and the deadline (in red) in the context menu and remove or change them easily by clicking on them (or on the x).

Zapier Early Access

If you are not familiar with Zapier, it's a service that allows you to trigger actions one service when by listening to events in another. If this than that. It's a powerful workflow helper and allows for all kinds of integrations to happen because it supports over 1,500+ services. 100 events are free!

Go here =>

Current Triggers

  • New Task
  • Task Moved to List
  • New Label Added to Task
  • New Comment Added to Task
  • New Assignee Added to Task

Current Actions

  • Create Task
  • Create Comment
  • Add Member to Card
  • Create List
  • New Assignee Added to Task
  • Find Member
  • Find Task

Not finding the one you need? Lets us know and we will add it!


It’s official you can now install the Ora app inside your Zendesk account and make and connect Zendesk tickets to Ora tasks without ever leaving Zendesk. Your sales or support team will be happy to hear that!

Embeddable Projects

Want to put a board on your internal or public site? Now you can! Just go to settings and copy the embeddable HTML code and put it anywhere you want. Ora will detect it is shown inside an iframe and start looking accordingly. Check it out below!

Other improvements

  • Add Links as attachments by pasting or entering the link.
  • Start Watching multiple tasks at once with Multiple Selection > Watch
  • Filter tasks by sprint
  • Improved workflow when the user is entering for a first time
  • Group projects reports for a selected folder

Mobile Apps Development

We are close. Assuming there are no more roadblocks (oh boy there have been a lot) beta is coming to all who ever requested a mobile app in September!